Georgia Pools was founded in 1973 by Jeff Minchew. After retiring from the Air Force, he and his family chose Toccoa as their home.

The business was started as Georgia Pools Fire Equipment Co., but within a year, Jeff chose to expand the business. After much thought, study, and prayer, he decided on swimming pools. He felt there was an opportunity in the field as the nearest business of this kind is in Atlanta. It would be a business that provided installation of pools, service, and water analysis, with spas and spa service, too.

Before choosing a supplier, he talked and visited many pool dealers and suppliers. He chose Heldor Pools as his supplier. Heldor merged with another company, but today the company still uses Heldor Pools. And to compliment the pools, Georgia Pools uses Hayward accessories.

When Georgia Pools was first started, the business of water chemistry was also in its early stages, as customers used mainly chlorine. Georgia Pools started with a company called BioLab. Georgia Pools is still with BioLab today, receiving the same service as in the beginning. BioLab is now one of the largest companies in water chemistry.

Georgia Pools has always been a family business because families are its business. We at Georgia Pools feel that the Lord has truly blessed us with prosperity and good, loyal, and faithful employees and customers. Without these, we would not have a business.